Technical Diving

“Tech Diving” refers to training and certification levels beyond the ranges of mainstream sport diving.

We offer both NAUI and TDI courses that cover Tech training from penetration diving to extreme depth on mixed gases. Please visit and or detailed information regarding all Technical Diving Courses.

Currently one of the most popular certifications is the TDI Helitrox Course. We developed this program for the Florida West Coast Spear Fisherman that frequents the ledges in 150 feet. Utilizing helium (20%) in the breathing mix greatly decreases narcosis and improves hand-eye coordination at depth. Additionally, decompression is shortened by the use of high oxygen mixes on the ascent.

Another great class is Cavern. This NAUI program is the best all-around skill builder which will carry through all you’re diving. Improve your buoyancy, trim, task loading, fin kicks and dive planning. The skills learned in Cavern mirror those of the Tech intro course but, add the penetration element.

Throughout the year we offer tech trips to deep wrecks, so watch the schedule.